Your Happy Memories Can Bust Your Bad Mood

img_3293No one like to be sad. It’s even safe to say that we all want to be happy. Recently (since one year, six months and 23 days to be exact,) I’ve been going through a challenging time. Nothing traumatizing happened. I just lost my job. I’ll be honest; I also lost my life and dignity with it. I couldn’t enjoy even the simple things in life, and the heavy thoughts were clouding my days. Eventually, I realized that I needed to get out of this depressing state, and I started rebuilding my self-confidence (still a work-in-progress.) It’s so darn hard to maintain a positive mindset, but I’m improving. Feeling nostalgic and embracing the good memories in my life helped to lift my way out of negative emotions — well, sometimes! Continue reading “Your Happy Memories Can Bust Your Bad Mood”


I Woke Up at Dawn to Dance. Here’s What Happened.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s catch a case of the Springtime feel goods. We all need a little positivity in our life. DayBreaker is full of positive energy and happiness, and perhaps an easy solution to your insomnia, anxiety, overwhelm, and loneliness — Based on my experience at least. I felt instantly happy at my first DayBreaker. The event is designed to help us start our day with what Radha Agrawal, the founder of DayBreaker and the author of Belong calls it the Daybreaker D.O.S.E — happy chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin) that your brain naturally releases.

So, let’s talk about some feel-good time. Let’s talk about DayBreaker. Continue reading “I Woke Up at Dawn to Dance. Here’s What Happened.”

Feeling Sad? You Know What Could Help? Desserts.

img_3065Sometimes, the stars align in your favor. Other times… they just don’t, and life throws terrible stuff your way. It sucks. It could be a broken heart, an empty bank account, an unexpected job loss, a parking ticket, or a fight with your mom.

Whatever it is, you’re having a shitty day. Shitty days are the hardest to dig yourself out of, and it sucks. I’ve had my share of those days over the last two years. My go-to help may seem too simple, but it’s dessert. Dessert is what helped me manage to get through some really, really shitty days and come out the other side.
You should take dessert seriously; not just any random dessert will do.
It’s important that you pick the right dessert to fit your mood. Philadelphia has a never-ending list of things desserts-for-your-mood to indulge in when you’re sad.
Here’s seven.

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